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  Vancouver Kingsway
Glen Clark

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Previous Result (old ridings):
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:11.31%
Area (km2):9
Pop Density:5831.11

Surrounding Ridings:
Burnaby North
Vancouver-Mount Pleasant

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19/02/01 CM Email:
Major apathy toward the incumbent MLA (Glen Clark), despite not running for re-election, will give this East Van riding to the Liberals.
22/02/01 Bernard Schulmann Email:bernard.schulmann@lillonet
Without a popular incumbent, this is a lose for the NDP, likely a large margin.
17/03/01 DMB Email:
Glenn Clarke all but admitted on the TV News the other day that this riding was likely to go to the Liberals since he wasn't running abd for once he is probably right. Liberal gain
28/03/01 Interested Voter
Some more numbers for everyone. NDP received 10,000+ votes in 1996. Last night's nomination meeting had an overflow crowd of - get this- 150 people. And that was the number that was brought in by three candidates. To make matters worse, winning candidate pulled it off by less than a handful, making 2nd place finisher question the validity and fairness of the results. Oh yes, a party that fights together, when faced with these odds, is not going to make it on election day in this riding.
02/04/01 Email:
When the media gets around to doing a little digging on this one, they are going to find that the NDP candidate in Kingsway, Alicia Barsallo, was an active member of the Communist Party back in her native Peru, and is a certified member of the loony left. She is a buddy of NDP Provincial Secretary Ed Lavalle, who is himself a self-proclaimed Marxist (at least he was when he taught my Political Science class at Capilano College back in the 80s. Now that Marxism isn't very cool anymore, he has probably developed selective amnesia.) The kind of extreme collectivist views advocated by Barsallo will be an acute embarrassment to a party already flush with them. She is a nutbar even by their standards. You can smell the 79-0 rout coming a mile away...
05/04/01 Highland Flood
Why is everyone predicting a Liberal win so far? This has long been a strong NDP riding. True, Clark has disgraced the party. But that might not stop people from voting NDP, no matter who the candidate. If they abandon the NDP, my guess is very few will support the Liberals instead. The Greens could appeal to many of them. Interestingly, Barsallo has the endorsement of Roslyn Cassels, who ran as a Green candidate for Parks Board but has sat as an independent, becoming notorious for her vocal and often strident opposition to the widening of the Stanley Park causeway, captive animals, and the coyote kill. Will this help Barsallo or hinder her? I'm not sure. I don't know the extent of Barsallo's "collectivist", "Marxist" views, but I do know that she's been a fierce critic of many right-wing Latin American dictatorships and of North American government/corporate support for them.
27/04/01 M. G.
I haven't seen any NDP signs up in this riding. Looks like a Liberal gain.
04/05/01 Concerned Voter Email:
Rob Nijjar will be the winner on May 16th. The province wants a change and desperately wants to rid the landscape of the NDP. The Ghost of Glen Clark heavily weighs in this campaign and especially in this riding. Fast Ferries Fudget Budgets, Bingo Gate and now the Doman Industry Scandel, how much more bad news can the Province take from this inept Government. The choice is easy, give me 79 Gordon Campbell Liberals over even 1 NDP candidate. The NDP will get what they so rightly deserve, a WIPE-OUT.
13/05/01 MBD Email:
I find it hard to believe there's no NDP signs up in this riding, which has always been an NDP stronghold. Could someone verify this (someone objective I hope). I do recall that even in his political deaththroes, a news article reported Glen Clark had a lot of personal support in this riding. Neither the NDP nor Liberal candidates are high calibre. I remain unconvinced that this won't be a relatively close race on election night. If Ujjal's pleas for opposition status are listened to this might even stay NDP.
15/05/01 Mike Parkes
I cannot believe that this riding had been called for the Liberals. There seems to be a surprisingly large amount of people who support Alicia Barsallo, who has been receiving very good coverage in the Georgia Straight, Courier, and Vancouver Sun. In fact, in the May 15th edition of the Sun, there is a mention of the tight race here. Driving through the riding, Barsallo signs pop up everywhere (why they were not there earlier is a mystery). I think it is a tight race myself, but people are still in high regard of Glen Clark and will come out for his successor.
15/05/01 C Xavier Bahada Email:
I see few NDP signs up here but the people in this riding are blind little sheep and will continue voting NDP till they die .. sorry to predict a NDP win here but i sadly think it is true AGAIN!!
15/05/01 Predictor Email:
There are a surprising number of NDP signs in the riding, but it is clearly going Liberal.

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